j_existe (j_existe) wrote in skiiconnection,

Dwayne Wade Sidekick 3 for sale.

Would anyone here be interested in buying a D.Wade Sidekick 3? Month and a half old. Lightly used and would come with everything, as well as in it's original box. I have 2 3's right now, and obviously don't need both when I know someone else could be putting this hot ass piece of technology to better use.

I am paypal verified and am simply trying to avoid all the hassles of ebay, though I will put it up there in a day or 2 if neccesary.

Best offer! I just want to get rid of this thing!
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i would LOVE it.my sk2 recently broke and im either gonna send it off or buy a new handset

i live in england though :S
Do you still have it? How much will you do shipped to Singapore?


November 3 2008, 02:14:53 UTC 8 years ago

how much do u want for it?