a_sailors_grave (a_sailors_grave) wrote in skiiconnection,

like-new sidekick 2 for sale

would anyone be interested in buying a like new sidekick 2? when i say like new, i mean it looks and works BRAND NEW. it was only used for about a week before i got a sidekick 3, and it was an insurance replacement which came sealed in the original sidekick 2 box. theres no scratches, dings, cracks, etc on the screen or phone itself. i tried to sell it on ebay but the buyer deadbeated me :\ it sold for $127.50 (before shipping charges) on there, but i'll definitely take offers cause i just want it gone since i need money & its not being used. it doesn't come with a SIM card, but it does come with every other original accesory it came with (charger, manuals, headset, case). i have pics so if you're interested, please feel free to comment or email me.

*mods: if this isn't allowed, let me know and i'll delete it. i just didn't see anything in the info that said it wasn't :)
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